Posted by: isminimouse | October 10, 2009


Hey Everyone… Im gonna try keep this nice short QUICK and simple…
Im ismini... (Photographer for STAPLE HOUSE) good friend of scorchers 🙂

Anywho… ima be blogging alot on scorchers page… **all scorch’s ideas** Just as you know, hes a busy guy… NEW ALBUM coming out soon…**subliminal msg: GO BUY IT/check it out**

Hes got Video’s dropping/directing/Modeling/RECORDING… so hes given me the benifit of the doubt of looking after this site…

I’ll simply be keeping you informed with all the best UK music… SCORCHERS LIFE of course (further more everyone follow him on twitter now… and Urban ARt and Fashion **seeing as i study Fashion** I will also have all the latest photo’s of scorchers journeys.. SNAP SNAPPING away on my nikon. 🙂

Blackberry hype me

Well this is my bit for the page and enjoy reading. 🙂 x Ismini(


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