Posted by: isminimouse | October 10, 2009

Scorcher ft Liam Francis – Lipsin Ting (Official HD Video)

Well here we go with the first BIG BLOG…

If you are all true Scorcher Fans… Like alot of you claim to be… & if you KNOWWWW about good music… you would have already been following him on his youtube page… and seen the brand new hit “Lipsin Ting” Feat. Liam Francis…

For those who arnt Now Following Scorcher… heres the video… doing BIG TINGS… out on your TV screens soon… its The second single off the debut album ‘CONCRETE JUNGLE‘ produced by anthem maker Skepta. its a little teaser to the album being released next month. 🙂 9th november

Comment and Let Scorch & STAPLE HOUSE know what your feeling or not feeling about this video…


TIP: Girls… Guys are definatley on this lipsin ting now days… So make sure u brush your teeth and vaseline up them lips… **winters here dont wont no dry cracked up lips when lipsin**

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