Posted by: isminimouse | October 10, 2009

UK Artist’s… Do Big Things. (Tinie Signs/Jay Sean No.1)

CONGRATULATIONS… going out to Tinie Tempah The Latest Signing to Parlophone/ EMI Records… in case you didnt know other artists singed to this lable are; to name a few:  LiLy Allen, Kylie Minogue, Coldplay, Gorrilaz, The Beatles, Beastie Boys… (check the rest on…

Well wish Tinie all the best and hope he too can show the world that UK Talent is out there and are Moving up to do BIGGER and Better things….

Check him out in his latest youtube post… (Signing his contract)

***Support tinie on his blog***

Was also really nice of him to invite down his biggest fan… All the way from manchester… WHO IS SCORCHERS BIGGEST FAN??? Comment now let him know!!

Check out Tinie’s “Swagger” Ray Ban’s… Must be  Parlophone thing.. Because earliar this year Lily Allen was one of the first celebraties wearing these funky shades in every colour you can think… I know its Winter but trust me they are still fashion accessories… Go Get yours now…

or even go for the nerdy look and buy clear lense ray ban’s… looking nerdy but Expensive 🙂

Found a Perfect example of the nerdy/expensive new craze in Jay Sean’s new video Down. Topping the US charts as you read right now… Feat.Lil Wayne Wearing the funky Ray Bands. CONGRATULATIONS... thats;

  • No.1 USA Jay Sean – DOWN
  • No.1 UK charts with Chipmunk – Oopsy Daisy.

THE UK TAKE OVER has Began!!!



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