Posted by: scorcheruk | March 28, 2009

Scorcher interview for RWD Mag

He may have missed the birth of his daughter due to being locked up, but Scorcher tells Rajveer Kathwadia how he’s making amends…

Your first single I Know looks and sounds great, but what exactly is it that you ‘know’?
Come on man. If someone tells you something, it’s a cool response. You can’t get cooler than ’I know, I know’. It’s not bigheaded. I know everything. Everything I know, I know, and everything you think I don’t know, I do know even if I pretend I don’t know.

So we hear you did a videoshoot last week?
Yeah I did a shoot for my follow-up single to I Know. It’s called London Boy. With I Know I gave a little insight into one aspect of the fun part of being an MC, and that’s the sort of vibe I went with on this as well. I also shot an
underground single called Gangster – it’s a madness. It’s got that Thunder Power sound, so we’re going in. I will be shooting a video for Dark Knight as well.

So what makes you a London Boy? Would you make a good tour-guide of the city?
Definitely. I’m the best tour-guide you can get. I’ll take you through the sky; Skywalker.

We hear you directed the video as well?
I just thought it was time to direct, time to take it a step further. I’ve had a genuine interest into the whole directing thing for quite some time. I’d go to videos and catch myself paying attention to certain things whereas other people just wanna do the video and go home. Even at Wretch’s videoshoot I had a lot of input and gave Wretch some ideas.

What can you tell us about the album Concrete Jungle?
I can tell you that it’s done. I’ve finished my album finally. There’s never been anything like it before. I’m sure everyone should be able to tell I’m back in a seriously major way. I won’t be watering it down as well. At the same time I will be making commercial music, but I won’t not be being me. I’m catering for me. I think there’s quite a lot of artists who portray themselves to be ‘grime, grime, grime,’ but when you actually look they’re not doing what they’re known for doing. Personally I need to cater to my representation that I make. I don’t really make commercial grime, I do underground, but I need to cater to that in the best way I can. We need videos, they need to know we’re here and that we’re serious. I think I’ve got a really good polished product for them there now.

If grime was actual jungle, which animal would you be?
A lion, cos I run this shit. When I roar everyone knows. They scatter. In the jungle everyone’s bad. The hyenas, everyone. When the lion pops up, you know what time it is.

On Wiley’s track See Clear Now, you say ‘I used to do it cos I’m Scorcher, but nowadays I do it for my daughter.’ Has becoming a father had an effect on how you live your life?
Yeah definitely, that’s why I fell back. Adjusting to being a dad and finding time to record. I had to fall back and do me and I think I’ve made the best music I’ve made to date. I gotta get it right now cos of my daughter. I gotta get it right this time cos it’s all or nothing.

How is your daughter Sienna?
She’s doing good. She’s saying ‘Dad’. That was her first word. She says ‘Mum’ as well and she knows who her mum is, but she enjoys saying ‘Dad’ more. I don’t know what’s going on cos she spends a lot more time with her mum.

Do you spoil her?
Of course! But you know what? I am kind of strict though, I’m not gonna lie. I’m not on that fucking around shit. Behave yourself. I don’t like these naughty kids. I despise naughty kids. I hate naughty kids. They deserve a smack or a harsh telling off. You have to reprimand your kids if they’re acting up. Don’t wait for them to calm down; you have to calm them down.

You’ve had your run-ins with the law. Were you about when Sienna was born?
I was in jail when she came, I wasn’t even around. At the time I weren’t really bothered cos you cut yourself off from the rest of the world, but the closer I’ve gotten with Sienna, the more and more I wish I was there. I feel like I’ve missed out. It weren’t done by choice but that’s how it is.

And Mercston’s home now as well. Can we expect any new Movement material anytime soon?
Of course. I’m just doing my project like the rest of the team, giving Mercston time to adjust and record his own stuff. We’re talking to mans about shooting a video for him. We’ve got our plan and there definitely will be more music from The Movement. You’ll just have to wait and see.

And what’s next for yourself?
I just wanna do this now. Music. I love this, I love the way it’s all going.




  1. This is a good interview Scorch.
    I like your answers.
    Can’t wait for the album.

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