Posted by: scorcheruk | February 3, 2009

50 Cent’s putting a whole heap ah pressure on Rick Ross




  1. Wtf!! This is a mad ting, 50 got ross’s bm buying her fur coats n shit, dissin man’s mum, The boss (lol) needs to get him back!!

  2. loool 50 is hard he is keepin him hope alive wid his pre album humour…always sum1 he is dissin..but rick ross makes good music but gettin exposed…he has 2 step upp..

  3. CLASSIC!!!

    The stevie jam is tooo much don

  4. 50 is clever man…another hype causing promotion technique. that tia dont realise how much he’s using her hahaha stupid twat

    5ths out of order for doin that tho 4 real

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