Posted by: scorcheruk | January 25, 2009

Friscos Blog dissing me?

Today i was surfing through the net and different blogs and stumbled across Friscos and checked it out. I scrolled down the page and to my amazement I saw my name? I’m not quite sure what point they were tryna make, I think they might have been tryna say i’m not a good mc lol. It’s kinda obvious Frisco doesn’t do his posts but its starting to feel like a mans way too interested in my career. When i see man we barely nod and i have no idea who this blogger dude is so why write on the net? Mental! Anyway Frisco blogger dude maybe you should post about him rather then me and Cold Blooded.




  1. dats not frisco’s blog it says on da top right in da about me section in small writing “I’m not Frisco”

  2. that blogger said he is absolutely nothing to do with frisco marvell just labeled him rong read his lil about me part dont hypee MOVEMENT

  3. it’s not his blog scorch

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