Posted by: scorcheruk | January 6, 2009


It’s weird how certain mc’s always get in a madness. I can speak from past experience there are certain rivalries and tenseness that will never go away. But same way lets prepare for part 2 of one of the biggest rivalries in the Grime scene.




  1. tho its dumb to do this, especially when wileys actually doing somethin gd with his career but i think goodz took this one, tho they both would sound better on a track together, madness!!

  2. r u mad goodz never won wiley murked him hard trust goodz said sum hard bars but they were hard enough wiley likes crack has already been said n he been murked by lethal etc has already been said the hardest ting goodz said is wileys mum has athlete foot on her neck wiley won dat no long ting.

  3. wiley dub is better even if goodz did have alot of good cusses but he got too boring.

    shame wiley is doing these dubs tho. He should stick to making those bangers.

  4. yea it seems like a pretty dumb move! With nuff artists making big strides right now, Wiley, Yourself, Wretch, Ghetts, Chipmunk…the list could go on, maybe Goodz feels left out? Wants to generate some hype? Needless to say his track was hard!

  5. i prefered goodz diss….he said sum personal tings on dere no1 understands truss

  6. goodz fucked it! he went hard for 7minutes str8!!
    u can’t say goodz did this to generate hype, hes jus replyin to wiley.
    wiley’s beat was better, but he can’t live with goodz lyrically.
    “im a much better MC than u blad” – u cant put it any simpler than that.

  7. thats tufff, like goodz drags it for 7hard mins! and gets personal, wiley is short and sweet & the beat is to much!

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