Posted by: scorcheruk | November 21, 2008

Where’s Dos Santos?

I was appoving my blogs comments and in one somebody said where’s Dos Santos and I was like Wtf? Where the hell is he? If I remember correctly he was one of our big signings but we aint even half way through the season and I cant even remember what the dude looks like. The wickedest ting is I thought he was kinda cold or atleats had potential, but hopefully he’ll be back with a bang after he gets over this injury. Gio if you’re reading this (or got an interpreter doing it for you) get well soon son 🙂
Dos Santos



  1. im shook of dis guy still…only £4.5m u got him for…
    arsenal shuda jumped on dis ting

    hutton’s out for time tho 😀

  2. Harry wants to shot him to Chivas.
    Barcelona never wanted him..
    I rate him but don’t EVER expect to see him play regularly, wheres Taraabt?

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