Posted by: scorcheruk | November 18, 2008

I didn’t know Jigsaw from Saw was really Jme

Growing up in Edmonton we had a word we used to descibe stuff like this . . . . . . SCARY



  1. Aint hating or nuttin yeh,
    but jme aint what he was and he needs to write some new content. im gettin bored of hearing the same bars everytime he goes on radio. am i d only one gettin bored of this? his bars after 2 minutes were okay tho.

  2. see u, ghetts and wretch always have suttin new to bring to the table when you hit westwood. jme is on some mad old ting lol same bars all the time.

  3. Not hateing!, but i dont rate the guy at all, may be produceing wise he’s got talent, but in rapping i think he has 2 hand up the Mic LOL. no flow, content or lyrics!! Still do what your doing init JME lol

  4. Ya dun kno scorch lool.
    Round ‘ere we say….
    “Tsss Tsss sssccAAARRY……as i say man, as i say.”

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