Posted by: scorcheruk | November 17, 2008

Do we want or need Defoe at the lane?

I’ve been having this debate with a load of my friends that are fellow Yids. I think we need another striker but I aint sure if what we need is a player we just sold. If we’re all honest it was clear he wern’t happy at the lane which showed as he transformed when he got to Portsmouth so would it be wise to bring him back? I’m not too sure to be honest. Another issue is the price tag, i’m gona feel like a right cunt if they try and sell hime back for more then we sold him. But more importantly we need a goalie without gloves made of butter along with decision making more naive then my 1year old daughter. Please Harry if you’ve by chance stumbled onto my blog and are reading this trust me Gomes needs to go. I’ve come to think of Gomes like the uncle in your family thats an alcoholic or has a drug problem, keeping him around just brings us all down and it would be better to cut all ties, move forward and never look. If any Yids wana share their views on this get at me and comment.

     or    def2



  1. yes dawg theres no way we need to buy back defoe, he done his thing when he was here.(“j.defoe his our hero”) but we dont want him back his old news like yesterdays paper. bring in some one like Arshavin and wagwarn for DOS SANTOS? his ghost!

  2. Basically my boi plays for tottenham and chats 2 defoe ona regs and wot defoe was sayin dat ramos was on some racisit vibe.. And reh reh reh he just wernt happy playin under him.. I agree with gomes ( wasteman ) I’ve been a yid my whole life and we have never had such a bad keeper even walker wernt dat bad its a lot!!!!

  3. listen scorch being a die hard spurs fans that we are we know we need defoe back he is a proven goalscorer and can perform at any level and can score and create chances from nothing!!! Of all my years of being a spurs fan and the tons of games ive been too week in week out i have never heard fans sing a players name after leaving the club. This shows the board and the manager who they want as their main man it shows how much of a big mistake it was to let him go i guarntee you he will be back especially now we got god on the touchline!!! jeramine defoe he is a yido jermaine defoe he is a yido!!!

  4. there is no way we should risk buying a russian in arshavin. We gotta send him english lessons wait for him to settle we dont even know if the guy can perform at premiership level WE ARE IN THE BOTTOM 3 NO TIME FOR RISKS.. its to risky the money they are asking for him im telling you defoe will be much more of a deal!! Arshavin is guarnteed to leave us in a couple years if he comes and performs a big club will come get him and he will go easily!!! defoe on the other hand can perform can score goals can speak english and most importantly will not leave spurs for any other club no matter how much they offer!!! he was forced out!!! bringing keane back i say yes old news he decided to go but u cant tell a man his old news when he was forced out he is a legend!!!

  5. LOOOOL – Wot u lot need is clear out, and den start again. Totenham – LOL – 🙂

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