Posted by: scorcheruk | November 17, 2008

Chipmunk vs Scorcher

I was on the phone to Chip earlier today sorting out studio time for us to go record some stuff and we got talking about the scene. Then we got talking about our albums and potential singles which kinda turned into a macho ego fuelled competition. We both decided the only way to solve our dispute is to link up in the studio and play 3 tracks off our album and put our music where our mouth is lol Stay tuned cah im gona be putting up pics and footage of the showdown later in the week. May the best man win lolol

munk      VS      scorch



  1. wooow i wnnna see diz lol 2 hot mc rite noww goin head 2 head !!!

  2. yoo scorcher, what studio do you go too,

  3. Two hot mc’s going head to head! this should spark interest from labels and hopefully promote your music and the grime genre…good luck chaps!

    ps LOL chippy is cute 4 competin wid scorcher hahhah xxx

  4. scorcher ur better than chippy, but to be honest chippys ready to buss right now. but u kno when its just chippys time RIGHT NOW! like if he dont buss soon, he’ll miss his chance. were as I think you have a longer shelf life, but ur time to buss has not come yet. it will doe.

  5. no homo lol

  6. you really are a lot better than chipmunk but somehow hes probrably the biggest grime artist right now

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