Posted by: scorcheruk | November 16, 2008

Ribz feat Skepta – Dance Like Me

This tune is what we need in the clubs right now if you ask me. I dont wana hear no us dude like Flo-Rida or anyone else when we’ve got our own bangers like this . . . . . .



  1. Don’t be silly cuz.

    This tracks anything, way better tracks from da uk underground scene to play in clubs even if you dont wanna talk abouot funky an bassline we still got grime breh’s makin tunes worthy to be played in clubs even by ribz an skepta this track just aint 1 of dem.

  2. yo dis is alrite erm nt a club banger doe skeepy 2 techno issh 4 me

  3. lol scorch…u fink dis is a banger…
    nah nah dis is a par..

    the tune u did wid him was much better, dunno why ribz didnt go a hood video or summin to dat tune

  4. this tune is a disgrace to uk music. videos WHACK aswell!! It’s wiley did rolex which was HARDDDD, then skeppy did the bootleg rolex sweep, which was ALRITE!!! and now this is some next bootleg of rolex sweep lol its WHACK!!!

  5. lea from big bro?????

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