Posted by: scorcheruk | November 16, 2008

Fuck sake Heurelho, not again!

If it aint one thing its another down at the lane recently. Harry Redknapps come along and got the best out of our players at Spurs but theres one major problem . . . . . . Heurelho fucking Gomes! The guy couldn’t catch a cold let alone a ball, he’s more then just a liability, he’s been the reason to blame for more or less every goal conceided since he’s been here. Today he managed to not only let a goal in, he gave them a goal all by himself, to be honest i’d be amazed if he’s had a clean sheet since he stopped wearing a nappy. I think enough’s enough and instead of us trying to fix the problem we need to eliminate it. I wana see a new number one in that goal after the transfer window opens up and i sincerely hope the staff at Spurs do too!


This is where the cunt belongs . . . . . on the training ground!



  1. Could’nt Agree More!

    If We’d Won We Could Have Gone 11th Thats How Tight The Bottom half Is Right Now!

    Jermain defoe Should Make A Much Needed Return In jan.

    We Promote Grime!

  2. loool..

    thank u for juande ramos for singing this guy…hes goin on like paul robinson last season

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