Posted by: scorcheruk | November 5, 2008

Here’s a few tips from T.I.P

Hey people I dont know if any of you like T.I but i think he’s got some pretty cool tracks but then …………….



What the fuck is the game comin to when gangster rappers are telling people to inform?  First he gets nicked with enough guns to invade Iraq and only gets a year, then he’s teaming up with the police after he’s been sentenced. I’m not suggesting anything but i’ll leave you to do the math.



  1. I think this was part of the community service that T.I had to do. Plus he is growing up, I just dont get it how we are so hard on this no snitching thing, when most of us do not understand the meaning of the term. We just think its cool, to use such a term cah it makes us seem affiliated. There is actually a massive difference between snitchin and reporting a crime.

  2. I can’t believe this is real lol…

  3. This is what happens when they got dirt on rap-stars. p.s. Scorch check my blog.

  4. Damn dey REALLY got im byda fuckin balls dis time somethin tells me this is ONLY way he wouldn do at least a Buird for the possesion… its not enough u gotta do community service they knew da best way to HUMILIATE a bredda.. damn.. but then look how they did Mike Vick.. Id’a taken my chances with the jury lol

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