Posted by: scorcheruk | November 4, 2008

Yankee rap vs British bars

My darg Liam aka France Maguire is always telling me americans are shit compared to us English artist. I never noticed how true this was till he put it like this to me ……….

I heard this guy thinks he’s the best rapper alive lolol

Maybe its just me but i’m not sure after seeing this performance



  1. Obviously yours is better, no denying that. I personally listen to more of you than I do to wayne too. BUT credit where credit is due. Weezy is a monster… HE EATS BEATS!!! He was freestyling, yours was written, so really you an’t compare them… he DOES makes sick tunes at the end of the day and 1mill in the first week speaks for itself. Remember He’s also constantly doped up on promethazine which like any drug makes u think ur king of the world when really your delivering a piss poor performance. Just being real.

  2. U.K All Day London Have The Best Spitters We Know That Ghetto , Scorcher , Wretch 32 , Black the ripper

    But Scorcher can i ask 1 question ? Do you rate anyone from manchester

  3. scorcherrrrrrr!!!!!!!! ur da best man lol !! hands dwn jeez ur a true inspiration bluddd, content of da bars is a lotttt!!!! cnt w8 for concretee JUNGLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE i wnt u 2 murda most diz dead mc’s man! im feelin da new floww its alott lol

  4. Well a man did say to me that if he is the greatest rapper alive………………..
    we must all be dead lmfao.

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