Posted by: scorcheruk | November 2, 2008

Oh Yeah – I’M BACK

I’ve got loads of new stuff for everyone, I’m back fully on music. I can’t wait for everyone to hear my new stuff, honestly I am EXCITED. I have the video for ‘I Know’ with Wiley coming next month so get ready for that followed by Scorcher hitting the mainstream with HIT RECORDS in 2009…..seriosuly I’m gonna blow people away, I’m so on this!!!

I’m putting out a free EP for download only aswell before the end of 2008. Whos looking forward to the new material???



  1. Me, lol.

  2. How can I get music your way

    i’ve done work with Chipmunk, Loick, Cyko but actually was tryna get the music to you.

    get at me

  3. yeesss finally lol, ive been waitin 4 scorchers cum bak 4 tym

  4. oooh yeah real music is back you’re the man

  5. Can’t wait

  6. Finally, I can’t wait!! Itz gna b live-o

    the movement = hardest in uk

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