Posted by: scorcheruk | November 2, 2008

Harry’s the man!!

The guy has come in and kicked Spurs straight into shape….I’m a Tottenham fan so I’m very pleased right about now. Two wins and that comeback on Wednesday night makes Harry the man. I can’t find the goals from yesterday on YouTube, they must be fucked with strictness on football highlights, I can’t even find Bentley’s wondergoal from Wednesday….



  1. Sfe Bro Its Good To Hear Your Fully Back On The Music Tip My Favruite U.K Artist here

    What is the tottenham football firm like lool

  2. u comin down to man city on sunday bro ?

  3. see, i thought you was a kl guy till i saw this:|
    hammers 4eva.

  4. you are my harry my only harry you saved my tottenham when skies were grey!!!
    Your much more better that juande ramos and by the way sol campbell is gay tra la la la tra la la la

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